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Post  bryv on Thu May 08, 2008 8:18 am

what: YFC Youth Mass

where: Holy Euch church

time: 4pm for practice mass is at 6!

who: anyone and everyone!

contact: pam, mark, jason, jess, dom or post any queries here and we shall get back to u asap

see you there!

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Post  jason abella aka rain on Fri May 09, 2008 9:11 am

are ya'll ready for a challenge?

well i hope so. lol

cos this sunday will be pretty tough.

i know its last minute but fr. peter wants us to sing the wyd 08 song. yes, that guy sebastian song we had a bit of problem singing. but it is a beautiful song - a perfect match for our beautiful voices hahaha yeh?

ok but there's a problem. 2 problems actually. firstly, it is this sunday which gives us no time to practice except for sunday (on the actual day). Secondly, i'm not sure of anyone who properly knows the song (so if you know it please step up).

fortunately, god has offered us a solution! watch this--->

so i beg of ya'll to listen to the song over n over again so u get used to it. then start singing by yourselves! therefore, once we get to practice as a whole, all we need to do is divide singers into allocated parts.

dw ya'll we got this!!
jason abella aka rain

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